Why buy the book? Why now?

August 22nd, 2014 → 7:13 pm @

That was my valentine card sent to me from Mike while he was in prison.  Mike and I went from lovers, to best friends, to family in a matter or ten years.  Within those ten years I discovered who Mike Vick was as a football player , a convicted felon, and just a regular guy.
In the book, you too will be able to see Mike Vick as both of these figures as well.  I encourage you to purchase the book, not because I want to make sales (but that would be a plus), but also because there is more to the story and more to the man.
If you are a football fan, animal rights advocate, or just enjoy a good love story, there is something inside this book that will capture your attention.
It’s a quick and easy read, and enjoyable as well.

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