Mike Vick Photographed Together With Bella Escritor! Along With The Author’s Most Memorable Part Of The Book “QUARTERBACK KEEPER”

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As the Author of QUARTERBACK KEEPER, I’ve been asked numerous times what my favorite part of the book is?


The chapter that is dearest to my heart is the chapter where I had to say goodbye to Vick before he turned himself in to serve his time in Federal prison.  At that point in our relationship we had become closer than we ever imagined we would be.   He was at one of his lowest points, and I was right there by his side, providing him with the unconditional support he so desperately needed.

Even though I didn’t agree with his lifestyle decisions that put him in that predicament, I still provided my lover and best friend with a supportive shoulder to lean on. He had to know at that point that I was in it for the long run, with or without the fame, fortune, and glory that accompanied him when we first met.

I was always smiling throughout our relationship. That was just my personality, and one of the things about me that captured Vicks heart.  Even on the verge of tears over the realization of him going to prison, I still kept my smile intact.  I knew he needed to see the normalcy that he had grown accustomed to from me.

(The photo below was taken the same night Vick decided to turn himself in and begin serving his time.  I was smiling so damn hard.  One of those smiles people force to keep from crying; And I felt like Vick was saving face for me as well, knowing where he was headed for about two years).


My heart was breaking, but my mind was telling me to keep it together for him.

Vick was within hours of heading to prison and he was right there with me, making sure I was ok, and that we would continue to be ok.

The moment he left, he immediately took my smile with him.  The tears could no longer stand their ground.  I had centered my world around him, and now my world was leaving me.  It hurt like hell.

I had been flying back and forth from ATL to VA while he was doing community service and falling from grace in terms of his career and character in the media. It seemed that everywhere I went I heard mention of how inevitable prison was for Vick.  But it was only in that instant where he finally walked out the door that night, that it all became too real.

Other than with my kids, I had never in my life felt myself loving someone that strongly and sincerely before. It scared me how much I was effected by him.  I was terrified that I wouldn’t get through it.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be strong enough to get him through it like he was counting on.

Losing him wasn’t the issue, but losing my strong willed self in the process was.  This man had captured my heart and soul and was taking both parts of me with him to prison.

He had other people in his life, and so did I, but we had no one the way we had each other.  No one.  To this day, it’s hard for people to understand how strong of a connection Vick and I really had.  Some people try to compare what they have with him to what we had with each other, and they don’t even come close.  So they have often become envious with the realization that he had my support when theirs wasn’t enough.

While others who were aware and witnessed our connection for themselves, respected and admired it for what it truly was.

As the story goes on, you will find out exactly what got us through it all.  You will also find out how much closer we became as well.  Some of the best years we shared, were still yet to come, and they were amazing.

To this day, whenever I am going thru something challenging I look at that same picture of Mike and Myself, and I just smile my way through it.  Thinking this too shall pass.  Just like it did for us both back then .

Even though my smile belongs to someone else now, I am still very proud of what Vick has learned and overcome.


 I am happy for him and wish him the best life has to offer.  Even more so, I am proud of myself.


I believe everything happens for reason, and that people are often put into your life for a strong purpose as well.

I will never regret any parts of the ten years of my life that I spent with Michael Vick.

I also hope that he finally realizes that all the smiles that remain around him are not always sincere; But that’s his lesson to learn now.  I can’t “keep” watch over the Quarterback any longer than I already have.


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