The secrets have only begun to come out.

Yes there are more.  Come on now…it was ten years of knowing a controversial football star, of course there are even more secrets to be told. If you haven't already, go ahead and do a book-keeping course to know how to keep the secrets and what is the right time to declare them.

Stay tuned to this website for monthly updates all summer of some of those secrets left out of the book.  In order to understand where I’m coming from, it would help to have read already read the book.  So please get your copy of the book today if you haven’t already done so.

In the book I mention dogfighting, how I found out and what I remembered seeing for myself.  Well…

I also mention in the book some of the intimate details that occurred between myself and Vick but I purposely left out the fact that there were more…

The Infamous Water bottle incident, missing the White House Visit, The AirTran drama, The First 48 close encounter in VA Beach, etc.

Yes, there is more.  A good writer never gives up all of  their secrets (especially not in the first book).  But it is an absolute must that you read the book “Quarterback Keeper” in order to gain a complete awareness and insight on what’s to come.

The secrets inside of the pages of Quarterback Keeper are detailed.  Detailed so much that it puts your mind right there.  As you read you tend to become able to mentally relate to the story itself as if you are Bella or Vick even.




I wrote it in a way that the reader would be drawn in and captivated by the realness of it all.  And if nothing else, it was all in fact very “real”.  Even the parts I wanted to keep shadowed…I exposed.

I didn’t protect any of the characters in the book, including myself.  I wrote it the exact way I remembered living it, seeing it, and experiencing it all.  Which allows for the reader to somehow be able to come just as close as I was to Vick all those years.

Experiencing each tear, fear, love, seduction, anger, humility, laugh, and more.

Quarterback Keeper by Bella Escritor


Read it, experience it, and get ready for more to come.