(Chapter 14 excerpt)

Those tickets that he would leave for me at will call on the player’s ticket roster would often go unused  and unsigned for.  I had come to assume that seeing me was enough motivation for him and that I didn’t actually need to be at the games, though my presence there seemed to be a plus.  I would just sleep in or fly back home, unless I had someone with me who really wanted to go to the games.

I was there for Vick, just to make sure his needs were met.  I wasn’t there as a football fan or to be seen with the starting Quarterback.  I liked feeling like I was needed by him, at least for a while.   As time went on, and the flights got lonelier and the cities became more unfamiliar, I got stressed out by it all.  I would miss family functions, or fly in snowstorms just to be by his side for a few hours.   It was wearing on me as well as wearing me down.  Something had to give…

(Chapter 12 Excerpt)

I dedicated years of my life to seeing him get through plenty. I did it out of my own love for him.  It may make me sound a little hurt by it, but truth is I am, and have every right to be.  I didn’t need the camera time.

Other than thinking that the world had the story wrong, I had nothing else against [old girl] and was not threatened by her and Vick’s relationship.  I felt I knew that their relationship would not affect ours in any way.  I am glad he had her around when I couldn’t be. I loved him enough to want him to always have someone, somewhere in his corner at all times.

Marriage doesn’t always guarantee a lifetime commitment and I knew that from other sources. But if ever the time came for him to finally marry her, I had decided that I wouldn’t interfere with their happiness. Vick, on the other hand, had often guaranteed me access to his heart for a lifetime, and that was worth more to me than anything else.


Well the very next day I started receiving texts on top of the phone calls from her.  So again, my first reaction was to let Vick know.  This time Vick’s story had changed a bit.  It went from [old girl] was cool and concerned to [old girl] was pissed and acting up because her girls put her up to it.  He told me to let him handle it and ignore it.  The next text I got from her was a text asking me to be a woman about things and talk to her directly.  I then tried to text Vick and let him know that she was calling again, but I accidentally sent a text to her phone instead.  That’s when I decided to text her back and let her know that I would be calling her when I got a moment to myself….



It’s me, my girl, Vick and his new homeboy chilling in a Dallas hotel room. The exact same hotel I was in a few months earlier with Vick when we were exchanging those nude photos with each other after curfew.   It was Sunday, Game day and about a few hours before Vick had to leave with the team.

My girl was in the bathroom hooking up with Vick’s boy, and Vick, and I were chilling watching fishing on TV.  He was in the chair next to the bed, while I lay on the bed.  It was really quiet. Vick seemed to like it a little peaceful before game time.  Dallas was always the team I thought he seemed to be most worried about playing against.

He asked me turn on his former team’s game, and when I did the silence ended.  Vick shouted at the TV, as he cheered on the new Quarterback and I looked at him in total dismay and said, “I thought you hated the new Quarterback?  I mean I just assumed because he…

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I then grabbed my computer and looked at the story on a popular blog site.  As I read it, my eyes started to water. I was hurt and pissed off at the same time. This particular blog site was basically stating that they saw a nude photo of Vick that was being shopped around by a hurt Jumpoff in Atlanta that he was in a 10-year relationship with.  It read to the effects that the Jumpoff in question was shopping around a nude photo of Vick and trying to sell it on the Internet.  It went on to say that she tried to sell it to them, but it was too pricey for them, yet they had still seen it.

After reading that story, I googled “nude photo of Vick” on the Internet and there were page after page after page of stories that were basically piggybacking off the blog site’s story.

The original source of the nude photo story came from another web site.  That web site claimed to have received an email that basically told of a wild night in a Dallas hotel room where Vick and the girl in question exchanged nude photos of each other by cell phone.  These were supposedly the photos that the woman in the email was trying to shop around.

“This is complete bullshit I thought.”  I knew right away that I didn’t send an email, but that the storyline behind the nude photos on that website was completely true.

 The pictures were taken in a Dallas hotel room the night before one of Vick’s games…