Did Bella Escritor Remain Loyal To Michael Vick When Writing The Book?

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I spent nearly ten years of my adult life knowing and loving Michael Vick.  When we met I was young, fun, and full of life.  It seemed as though he liked those qualities in me.  But there was one quality I know he liked the most, and that was my sense of loyalty to him.


People now question my loyalty due to the fact that I have written a book that tells tons of secrets that he and I shared with one another.

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My answer to that question of  loyalty is:

Yes I am a loyal person, a ride or die chick as some might say. Michael was right to trust me like he did and for as long as he did.  I wrote the book  to protect myself.   Although I am loyal to those I love and care for, I cannot forget to have my own back.

While protecting myself, I still somehow found a way to do so by protecting Michael once again as well when considering the content I would put inside of the book itself.

Someone close to Vick told me that they would soon become disloyal to him and as an added extra, the version of my life that they knew of would also be exposed.  I had Michael Vick’s  back for so long, against the people who called family and friends, that I had forgotten to protect myself from them as well.

So after ending my relationship with Mike, there was no longer a hands on need to put his concerns front and center in my life anymore.  In the book, you will read my reasons for ending my relationship with Mike and get a more detailed understanding of my need to  finally look out for myself.

If anyone was going to talk about ten entire years of my life and be 100% truthful, I knew it had to come from me and me alone.  I already knew that Michael was not the type of person to stand up for himself, let alone anyone else when it came to the people closest to him.  I learned that from past experiences that I had witnessed myself.

As much as I loved him, I loved myself even more.  I loved my kids, my family, my friends, and the thought of them hearing our love story in a twisted and vindictive manner was nothing I could tolerate.

So there you have it.  I did not write “Quarterback Keeper” to hurt, promote, or gain attention to or from Michael Vick.  I wrote it to protect my version of 10 years of my life that happened to have been overwhelmingly consumed by Michael Vick.  I thank you for reading this and taking time out to get my point of view.

I hope that you read the book in it’s entirety and get to know the Michael Vick I knew, and the Kiana (Bella Escritor), he knew for so long.

What we had was not a fairy tale, but a real life love story that doesn’t quite happen that way, that often, if ever.

–Bella Escritor (Kiana).






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